Chamundi Hills Timings And Entry Charges 

Chamundi Betta Mysore

The Chamundi Hills is situated in Mysore, Karnataka and is hugely well known for tourism, great Temples, captivating sceneries and stunning photography. This place proves to be a massive tourist temptation that attracts photographers, nature and peace lovers, and Hindu devotees every day of the year. The place offers splendid architecture of ancient temples. You will get enchanted and overwhelmed with the kind of mesmerizing vibe it caters to your mind.

Things to do Chamundi Hills :

  • The peak of the Chamundi Hills offers a spectacular view of the Mysore city and from there one can very well recognize the Mysore Maharaja Palace and The Karanji Lake.
  • The striking landscape encompassing the hills earns its way to your heart and your photo album. You can click pictures with your friends, family right at the mountaintop.
  • You can reach the peak via road or by stone stairs. If you are more of an adventure lover, you shall opt for the stone stairs. It might be tiring but once you reach the destination you will feel very hearty.
  • Devotees and tourists can spend some time inside the temple to endure a sense of sanctity and divinity.

Special privileges at Chamundi Hills:

The most famous attraction is the temple of Chamundeswari Temple with its staggering Chola style tower. This temple is situated at the highest point in the temple. Next to it are a few more ancient temples, significantly the Mahabaleshwara temple.

A little before the temple, near to the parking lot and the Chamundi bus stand is the glary painted statue of Mahishasura. For tourists, this is a must-visit place for a group photograph, with the Mahishasura.

Further down is the striking sculpture of Nandi (Bull), the mount of Lord Shiva. This 5 meters tall Nandi of Mysore is the third-largest Nandi in the country.

Exhibits inside the Chamundi Hills

While you walk to the Chamundeshwari temple you’ll come across the Mahishasura statue. On the southeast side of the main temple are a couple of ancient temples. One of them is the Mahabaleshwara temple. Behind the temple is another viewpoint which is the highest point to see the city. There are large steps where you can sit and enjoy the alluring ambiance of the place.

Souvenirs in Mysore Chamundi Hills.

There are many temples in the Chamundi Hills. The Nandi Bull is one of the oldest statues of Mysuru. This is the One Of the oldest temple on the Chamundi hills. The Godly Museum is a scantily themed museum situated opposite the Chamundi hills bus stop. It has a sequence of spiritual paintings on display that sparks self-introspection. The KishkindaMoolika Bonsai Garden has a collection of over 450 small trees. The top of the hill offers a spectacular view of the Mysore Palace, smaller temples and the Karanji Lake. This is one of the reasons why the hills are very attractive to trekkers.


Chamundi Hills Timings And Entry Charges And Temple Visiting Duration

Chamundi Temple Darshan TimingsChamundeshwari Temple Entry FeesChamundi Temple Visit Duration Chamundi Hills By StepsCar Parking Charge
7:30 AM to 2:00 PM,
3:30 PM to 6:00 PM,
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
No entry fee (Free)
Special Entry Ticket 100 Rs
30 Minutes1008 StepsFree



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