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Visit Ones Jagan Mohan Palace, Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery

Jaganmohan palace is an art gallery and function hall which was constructed by the Krishnaraja Wodeyar III in 1861. This palace was used as the official residence of Wodeyar, when the present Mysuru Palace was under construction. This three storied building is built in traditional Hindu architectural style. The interior walls of the palace has some exquisitely carvings.

The art gallery in this palace is named after King Sri Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar, which displays huge painting collections from famous artists like Aless Caddy, Nikolai Roerich, P.P Ruben, Raja Rama Varma, S.L. Haldankar, M. Veerappa, Ishwardas, Titan and Jiladin Ville. Spend your valuable time in Mysuru by visiting this palace with your friends and family. Management has strictly prohibited public from touching or damaging articles.

Tourists can visit the palace from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM on all days. An entry fee of Rupees 20 for adults and Rupees 10 for children’s is charged. It is located opposite to city bus stand, Jaganmohan palace road Chamrajpura and can contact on 0821-2423693 for further details. This palace is about walk able distance from the city bus stand and suburb bus stand. Tourists from railway station can hire an auto or cab to reach this palace.

Immerse in the Royal Wonder –  Jaganmohan Palace 

Mysore, the cultural capital of Karnataka, was once ruled by the kings from the royal  Wodeyar family. One of the most significant Wodeyar contributions is the magnificent  Jaganmohan Palace. With a history of more than 150-years, it’s a monument of rich cultural  heritage displaying sophisticated Hindu style architecture. The Jaganmohan Palace holds  vital historical significance has always been a must-visit spot for sightseeing in Mysore.

This palace was constructed as an alternate retreat for the royal family by Krishnaraja  Wodeyar III. However, the Jaganmohan Palace also served as a temporary residence for the  Wodeyars, during the reconstruction of Amba Vilas Palace, which was destroyed in a fire  incident.

Things to Do at Jaganmohan Palace Over the years, the Jaganmohan Palace has attracted tourists across the globe. Tourists and  visitors of all ages, Make sure to include this palace in their list of places to visit in Mysore.  Study tours for school and college students are organized for educational and research  purposes.

The Dasara (Dusshera) celebrations in the Jaganmohan palace are a sight to behold! The  palace is lit up with beautiful lighting all around. Numerous cultural activities like dance  performances and musical shows are organized in the auditorium. Such cultural activities, in  turn promote social gatherings and serve as an opportunity for local talent to be appreciated  by the masses.

Activities Inside Jaganmohan Palace

The Jaganmohan Palace has been a shining gem in Mysore’s crown and the  Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery is considered to be among st the best art galleries in the  world. Art enthusiasts from across the globe are in awe of the grandeur and finesse of the  gallery.

In 2018, Jaganmohan Palace hosted a unique show, ‘Jaganmohanam’ – The doll festival. The  festival lasted for a month (10 October 2018 to 10 November 2018), and visitors witnessed  one lakh dolls collected and brought in from all over India. There are dolls of various shapes,

sizes and made of different materials like wood, glass, metal, bamboo, ceramics, paper  mache etc. A truly spectacular event that captured the intrigue of each and every visitor.

Exhibits Inside Jaganmohan Palace

One of the finest art galleries in the world – Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery is inside the  Jaganmohan Palace. With more than 1500 paintings and artifacts, that includes the works  of world-renowned artists, and is one of the favorite tourist attractions for sightseeing in  Mysore. The star-attractions of the Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery, are the original paintings  of Raja Ravi Verma and Nicholas Roerich. Visitors also get to admire the artworks of  well-known Mysorean artists like K. Venkatappa, Keshavaiah, Ramanarasaiah, N.S.  Subbakrishna.

One of the most unique exhibits of the palace, is a 160-year old French Musical Calendar  Clock. The clock has been overhauled and it displays day, date and month separately.  Visitors wait patiently to witness the battalion of toy soldiers parade with music and strike  the gong. The parade occurs when the clock completes the hour. Also, there are musical  instruments gallery on the second floor and in its collections are beautifully carved mayuri  veenas, dilrubas, wind harps, sitars, swarabat, and African drums. The weapons of war,  brassware along with numerous coins and currencies are also on display for the visitors.

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